Proudly handmade in Québec!


92% Polyester

8% Spandex


Hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.


Dress measurements:


XS: 74 cm / S: 80 cm / M: 86 cm / L: 92 cm



XS: 58 cm / S: 64 cm / M: 70 cm / L: 76 cm


Approximate lenght

XS: 87 cm / S: 88 cm / M: 89 cm / L: 90 cm


* Due to the stretchy fabric of the dress, your own measurements do not have to match the exact above measurements. The dress will stretch to fit your silhouette.


** The hem of the dress is not perfectly even due to a certain curve at the waist between the middle and the sides of the dress (the dress is slightly shorter on the sides as seen on pictures).


Model is 5'6 and is wearing size medium


For any questions regarding sizes, fabrics, care or else, please contact us here!

Georgia Dress